The artist

 By dropping the paint on the canvas for over 800 hours, the artist found his heart.

It was a battle. The reason why he called his artwork ' LOVE UNDER CONSTRUCTION'

Who is Michel Poort

A man who has the need to espress his feelings and sharing it with others.
I have no concrete style because my emotions are always on the move.
Expressions all the time..that’s my wealth. 

what’s your secret for succes 

To loose myself in my best talent by translating my feelings.

What ‘s it being  an artist

It’s a job without rules. Believing in my own creation and never ever repeat success!

Just start again. Artists are born to create all the time.

Why love under Construction

Love is allways on the move. The heart is the symbol for all our emotions. 

There are so many ways to show it. Love is always Under Construction,
even for an artist. Therefore it complices my Feelings of love to express them all the time.

No finer feeling.

What’s the secret of a good live

Love only mutiplies by sharing it with others without any borders in all expacts of live.

 Sharing is Caring.

What’s the secret of a good relationship

When love is not madness it’s not love. It’s bounding in freedom but don’t forget
 the main keyword ‘ attention’. Not only to you lover, family, relations but even
to the planet.



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