In the LUC Art-gallery you will find limited edition art prints by Michèl Poort.
     Step right into the Gallery and see what we can offer On Dibond®,
     The prints will be :
     Dated and numbered
     Signed in the lower right margin.

    In order to keep the integrity of the numbered limited edition                   

    prints, and their “value”, I am committed not to make additional

    prints above the quantity mentioned here above, no repetition,

    no renumbering, no unnumbered hard copy, no plexi, no display,

    no poster, no art reproduction.

    This way, the exclusivity and the value of your purchase will be

Their use in the world of edition will have to be agreed by

    LUC. For advertising purposes, permissions and special 

    conditions will need to be agreed. The picture will be sent with no


    See for the artworks

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webshop-luc-giftcards05.jpg webshop-luc-giftcards06.jpg webshop-luc-giftcards07.jpg
webshop-luc-giftcards08.jpg webshop-luc-giftcards09.jpg webshop-luc-giftcards10.jpg


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